TechTogether Online

Hosted by MLH

Friday September 15, 2023
11:00AM to Sep 17, 12:00PM EDT
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Event Description

Join us for TechTogether’s International Equal Pay Day-themed hackathon! During the event, we will be hosting a series of special panels on pay equity in addition to our normal workshops to help inspire your social impact hacks.

TechTogether hackathons are designed for people of marginalized genders. Come give hackathons a try in this safe and empowering environment!

At this hackathon, you’ll get access to:
- Technical Workshops to Build Your Skills
- Social Impact Panels to Deepen Your Knowledge of Gender Issues
- Fun Challenges to Win Prizes & Swag

What are people of marginalized genders?
Our definition includes cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, and any gender identity that has been underrepresented in technology.

Looking for ideas to hack on this weekend? Here's a hacker guide for you!

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


Workshop Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Sunday (ET) 4:00 AM PT 7:00 AM ET 12:00 PM UK 4:30 PM IST How to Submit on Devpost - Office Hours
Mini-Event Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 9:30 AM PT 12:30 PM ET 5:30 PM UK 10:00 PM IST Team Formation Activity
Friday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST Can't Unsee Mini Event
Saturday (ET) 12:30 AM PT 3:30 AM ET 8:30 AM UK 1:00 PM IST Hacky Hangout
Saturday (ET) 9:00 AM PT 12:00 PM ET 5:00 PM UK 9:30 PM IST Design your Own Byte - TechTogether's Mascot
Saturday (ET) 3:00 PM PT 6:00 PM ET 11:00 PM UK 3:30 AM IST Talk on Gaining Gender Pay Parity in Tech
Hackathon Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 8:00 AM PT 11:00 AM ET 4:00 PM UK 8:30 PM IST Opening Ceremony
Friday (ET) 8:10 AM PT 11:10 AM ET 4:10 PM UK 8:40 PM IST Live Q&A with Stream Host
Friday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST 36 Hours of Hacking Left
Saturday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST 24 Hours of Hacking Left
Sunday (ET) 5:00 AM PT 8:00 AM ET 1:00 PM UK 5:30 PM IST Initial Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST Hacking Ends / Final Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 9:15 AM PT 12:15 PM ET 5:15 PM UK 9:45 PM IST Closing Stream & Winners Announced (Approximately)

Links & Resources

MLH Discord Server

The chat platform where all the activities and fun will happen.

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MLH Broadcast

Where we will be streaming workshops, activities, and announcements.

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