Data Day Grind 2.0

Hosted by MLH

Friday October 8, 2021
10:00AM to Oct 10, 2:00PM EST
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Event Description

Data surrounds and empowers things around us every day. You probably use data in your day-to-day grind all the time without realizing it. Join us for Data Day Grind 2.0 to take a closer look at the data that surrounds you and build something awesome at our data-analytics-themed hackathon. Learn new skills and explore new technologies this weekend with us!

While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. As always, build whatever you'd like!
Happy hacking!

Special Thanks to Addepar!

Be sure to submit to Addepar's sponsored prize category this weekend; The Best Financial Data Hack!

You can find more details at!

We'll also be joined by Addepar's CEO Eric Poirier, their CTO Ruchir Swarup & their CPO Don Nilsson, for a special speaker's panel! Not only will you hear about Addepar's product and organization, but you’ll gain insight on their world-class internship program, AddeU, and what Summer ‘22 internship opportunities are available!

Who can attend?

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Workshop Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 9:00 AM PT 12:00 PM ET 5:00 PM UK 10:30 PM IST Level up at Addepar: What to Know & How to Navigate the FinTech Industry
Friday (ET) 12:00 PM PT 3:00 PM ET 8:00 PM UK 1:30 PM IST Technology Careers with the United States Space Force & Technical Sergeant Kristopher Jaynes
Sunday (ET) 4:00 AM PT 7:00 AM ET 12:00 PM UK 4:30 PM IST How to Submit on Devpost Office Hours
Mini-Event Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 2:00 PM PT 5:00 PM ET 10:00 PM UK 2:30 AM IST U.S. Airforce Cyber Security Challenges
Saturday (ET) 11:30 PM PT 2:30 AM ET 7:30 AM UK 12:00 PM IST !Light
Saturday (ET) 9:30 AM PT 12:30 PM ET 5:30 PM UK 10:00 PM IST Hacker Hangout 1
Saturday (ET) 11:00 AM PT 2:00 PM ET 7:00 PM UK 11:30 PM IST Spaceteam
Saturday (ET) 2:00 PM PT 5:00 PM ET 10:00 PM UK 2:30 AM IST Hacker Hangout 2
Sunday (ET) 9:30 PM PT 12:30 AM ET 5:30 AM UK 10:00 AM IST Hacker Hangout 3
Hackathon Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 6:30 AM PT 9:30 AM ET 2:30 PM UK 7:00 PM IST Stream Starting Soon!
Friday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST Opening Ceremony
Friday (ET) 7:10 AM PT 10:10 AM ET 3:10 PM UK 7:40 PM IST Live Q&A with Stream Host
Friday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST 36 Hours of Hacking Left
Saturday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST 24 Hours of Hacking Left
Sunday (ET) 5:00 AM PT 8:00 AM ET 1:00 PM UK 5:30 PM IST Initial Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST Hacking Ends / Final Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 7:40 AM PT 10:40 AM ET 3:40 PM UK 8:10 PM IST Closing Stream (Hacker Demos!)
Sunday (ET) 9:15 AM PT 12:15 PM ET 5:15 PM UK 9:45 PM IST Winners Announced (Approximately)

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