Global Hack Week: API Week

Global Hack Week (GHW) - 2023

Monday April 3, 2023
12:00PM to Apr 10, 2:00PM EDT
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Event Description

Spend a week hacking with the MLH community at GHW: API Week! Global Hack Week takes place throughout the year to give you a chance to complete technical challenges, network with the community, enjoy fun live sessions, build technical projects, and make new memories.

Challenges and Points

Earn experience points for yourself by completing our challenges throughout GHW. Challenges aren’t the only way to earn points. You can also receive a point each time you check in for a live session, so the more you attend, the more points you’ll rack up. They can be as simple as posting on your social media or as advanced as building a project and creating a full demo video for it. We’ll leave it to you to choose which challenges you want to take on. Feel free to work collaboratively with others on these.

At GHW API week we will have plenty of challenges to keep you busy and building with new APIs. Challenges will range from social challenges urging you to connect with other members of the community, technical challenges that will expand your coding skills, and design challenges to refine your skills as a creator and artist. Some of these challenges will be completed live on our twitch stream, so you can follow along and complete it with the community. We cannot wait to see all that you learn, build, and share.

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:

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Mary Siebert

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