Web3 BUILD Hackathon Hosted in Partnership With NEAR Horizon

Hosted by MLH

Friday June 30, 2023
11:00AM to Jul 2, 1:00PM EDT
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Event Description

Join us for a special weekend of hacking hosted in partnership with NEAR Horizon! Build on NEAR and the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) to bring your Web3 ideas to life. Winning teams will get an exclusive invitation to participate in our inaugural 3-month Web3 Fellowship Incubator program and access to $20K in NEAR Horizon Credits to turn their hackathon project from prototype to product!

The Web3 Fellowship Incubator will run from July 10th - September 29th. The incubator will include monthly sprints, demo days, mentorship, and more to support the development of your project. Partners in the Web3 ecosystem will provide additional weekly product and technical mentorship as well as disburse project grants.

At the conclusion of the Web3 Fellowship Incubator, graduating teams will have the opportunity to showcase their project at a pitch and demo day to the NEAR team and other investors.

Join the hackathon discord server to participate.

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


Workshop Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 9:30 AM PT 12:30 PM ET 5:30 PM UK 10:00 PM IST How to build on NEAR
Saturday (ET) 9:00 AM PT 12:00 PM ET 5:00 PM UK 9:30 PM IST How to Win Workshop
Sunday (ET) 4:00 AM PT 7:00 AM ET 12:00 PM UK 4:30 PM IST How to Submit on Devpost - Office Hours
Mini-Event Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 11:30 AM PT 2:30 PM ET 7:30 PM UK 12:00 AM IST Team Formation Activity
Friday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST MS Paint Bob Ross
Saturday (ET) 12:30 AM PT 3:30 AM ET 8:30 AM UK 1:00 PM IST Tetris Tournament
Saturday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST Hacky Hangout
Hackathon Schedule
Day (ET) PT ET UK IST Event
Friday (ET) 8:00 AM PT 11:00 AM ET 4:00 PM UK 8:30 PM IST Opening Ceremony
Friday (ET) 8:10 AM PT 11:10 AM ET 4:10 PM UK 8:40 PM IST Live Q&A with Stream Host
Friday (ET) 7:00 PM PT 10:00 PM ET 3:00 AM UK 7:30 AM IST 36 Hours of Hacking Left
Saturday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST 24 Hours of Hacking Left
Sunday (ET) 5:00 AM PT 8:00 AM ET 1:00 PM UK 5:30 PM IST Initial Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 7:00 AM PT 10:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UK 7:30 PM IST Hacking Ends / Final Submission due on Devpost
Sunday (ET) 10:15 AM PT 1:15 PM ET 6:15 PM UK 10:45 PM IST Closing Stream & Winners Announced (Approximately)

Additional Information

Here's everything that is up for grabs - - $3,000 stipend for each winning team member participating in the Fellowship incubator- $20K in Horizon Credits per team to spend on services- Demo Day at the end of the Fellowship with NEAR leadership and VC investor network- Winning teams will receive tickets to NEARCon and exclusive NEAR Horizon swag.Find out more about the Web3 Fellowship Incubator here.

Links & Resources

MLH Discord Server

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MLH Broadcast

Where we will be streaming workshops, activities, and announcements.

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